Are coding and software development good professions?

Are coding and software development good professions?

When it comes to choosing a profession, many people do not have any information in this regard, particularly software development and coding. Accordingly, the interest of parents and those of their children and kids are very far from each other in terms of profession choosing. Being a doctor, lawyer or engineer are construed as the best options by parents but their children mostly tend  towards being an artist, software developer or coder, in which they are more interested. Choosing a good profession or career is thoroughly subjective. Many people prefer to have a ‘financially rewarding job’ but the others look for an easy job fulfilled at their own pace. It is to be noted that all the mentioned things depend on what you are seeking in your profession. In the US and also around the world, coding and software development are construed as the top fields of study into which more than 450,000 learners annually enroll. This means that parents are interested in and ready to try out something new for the learning process of their children and kids.

Are Coding And Software Development Construed As Good And Fruitful Professions For Children And Kids?

It is definitely because of the fact that children and kids learning how to code and develop software do not limit themselves to a discipline. It is worth mentioning that coding (or software development) is a discipline bringing brilliant opportunities for taking steadfast steps in various domains. Of course, such matter paves the way for your children to reach their goals and develop their various competencies. It may be incredible and implausible for children to write codes for commanding electronic devices like coffee makers, computers, washing machines and etc. Please note that the technology seen around us is only possible through coding. In the modern world, since coding and software development have become predominant, the requirements for coders and software developers have certainly increased. Many companies and businesses, as a result, are seeking for coders to develop their technologies. Furthermore, if you are a coder, employment with a company or a business is not difficult.

How to learn coding more easily?

As you know, there are many platforms around us for learning including electronic books, websites as well as many courses helping you to commence learning from lower levels (beginner). It is so simple and easy to learn the fundamentals and basics of coding. It is as easy as opening an application on your smart phone. There are a lot of courses on internet with respect to the basics of coding and software development. Of course, on internet, you can find numerous courses to be completed at your own pace and you can complete them with your personal computers.

There are some interesting things you need to know about coding.

Around the world, there are more than 700 unique coding languages you can learn for software development. Java, Perl, Python, Swift, etc. are the most popular ones. Also, Perl, Delphi, and VBA are among the disliked coding languages like Coffeescript and ruby. By consideration of opposite opinions and views about programming languages, all the programming languages are equally common among software developers. Women pioneered in computer programming. ENIAC, for instance, was a system made by six women where they designed and computed many paths for ballistics in World War I. A professional mathematician, namely Ada Lovelace, was the first-ever computer programmer. Cooperating and working with a mechanical engineer, whose name was Charles Babbage, she created algorithms for machines, which were the first computer programs. Moreover, Fortran was construed as the first programming language used so as to conduct various types of tests in geophysics, crystallography, meteorology and etc. Needless to say, coding and software development shall be as important as reading.

Also, computer literacy (coding) will be of paramount importance as the general literacy.  One of the quickly developing careers around the world is coding. The first trillion-dollar technology company is Apple Incorporation. Accordingly, it is safe to say that there is a lot of scope for earning money.

All the times, new software are developed because developing software needs binary codes, 0 and 1. Through infinite combinations of 0 and 1, you can develop various commands. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to hold a position in the area of technology so as to use coding because 70% of coding occupations are not technology-related. Generally, cognitive abilities are applied in coding and software development, which bolsters the brain activity. While a person learns coding, his/her competencies regarding creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration increase more actively. Moreover, upon coding or software development, which is a stimulating activity for the brain, the risk of Alzheimer is reduced. 

Your children can be entertained with coding.

Over the past years, there were a few professions to be followed by parents, all of which were regarded as traditional. There was no renovation and everything would be fulfilled conventionally. Also, there was lack of disruption to rise something out of the box, which seems less like a profession and more like an entertaining and funny activity. So, if your child starts loving it and is passionate about it, you do not need to be worried in this regard.

There are lots of brilliant opportunities in this area.

Of course, research illustrates that there are more than one million IT job vacancies in the United States. Since 2010, the number has annually increased by 200k. It is to be noted that there will be many positions and job vacancies as well as lots of innovations and promotions in this regard since the technology industry is rapidly developing. 

Everybody can make money very well.

In compliance with the research conducted in the area of business, being software architect and full stack developer are the top well-paying professions. Also, Java developer, data scientist, data engineer, IT technician and etc. are included in the list of the top paid professions.

The Effects of coding on the world

Although many people living around us tend to change the world around them, some feel comfortable with them working more hours. They plan to make differences. They want to add value to the lives of people. Moreover, they want to contribute in improving the world. Coding and software development are regarded as the effective professions. This means that it powerfully affects the world in the areas which are rapidly changing. Some people are proud of what they do and they also want to indicate their creations and accomplishments. Accordingly, it is safe to say that coding (or software development) is the profession which provides you with many opportunities to change the world and tech area.

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Will Coding Become Out-Of-Date?

Jobs in the Area of Information Technology (IT)

There may be a big concern that coding may be faded. As the next generations learn how to write codes, it might already be out-of-date because there may be newly emerging areas. It is a big and valid concern prior to entering into a new area. So, it is logical that everyone checks the areas of activity in each field. A good feature: there are many evidences indicating that coding will not be out-of-date very soon. Since the time passes, as a matter of fact, there will be a flexible and increasing demand for software developers and code writers. So, the opposite may happen. As you know, the world around us is rapidly advancing and progressing and there are fantastic inventions of electronic devices. So, don’t worry. As the world advances, coding will be around us. Needless to say, invention of new machines and devices will cause that programmers give new commands to new inventions.

Of course, there are many premonitions with respect to complete replacement of human’s ability with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the area of coding. It may bring a big concern for the people who have invested in coding and allocated time to learn advanced skills. On the other hand, there is a good news based on which research supports that Artificial Intelligence may never be able to replace the human ability to write codes. Instead, it may be applied by programmers and software developers to write software in better ways. It is expected that more occupations are created by AI rather than it replaces the human’s abilities. Also, if AI displaces human abilities, it will take a long time to occur.

Where can we apply our coding skills?

In term of application of coding skills, there are many funny and interesting jobs requiring coding skills. Also, there are golden opportunities through which you can indicate your coding skills.

Network Administrator

In the event that you want to enter into the network administration world, you have to apply your skills regarding writing codes. Network administration also requires the strong knowledge of coding so as to ensure sound performance and avoid network problems. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that network administration is one of the top well-paid jobs annually providing workers with $29,000 approximately.

Software Engineer

Apps, games, websites and their development are regarded as an integral part of our today’s world, playing a significant role in our life aspects with technology advancement. Software development is required in all devices to be manufactured in the near future. Then, human coders and software developers develop the inventions for human users. Also, the kids early starting software development and coding are the best candidates.  

Web Developer

Web development is one of the common choices for programmers and coders. If you want to be a web developer, you must have a strong knowledge about the programming languages required in this field. It is worth mentioning that web developers’ salary is approximately $34,000.

Automated Electrical Engineers

Do you know that the future cars are those which are electronically controlled? Do you know that there will be no need for human responsibility to drive them?

Undoubtedly, it is so interesting that the human life will become easier since such vehicles will be driven by themselves so as to avoid car accidents and subsequent traffics as well. Since such cars will be produced, who can understand the needs of humans than a human engineer better? Moreover, such engineers are to develop the automatic networks and devices. Also, automated electrical engineers will ensure sound functions of such automatic cars.

Data Scientist

In the event that you are interested in dealing with numbers, statistics and algorithms, being a data scientist is a good choice. Coding knowledge is used by data scientists so as to solve significant problems. Essentially, data scientists structure large amount of data which are not structured. It is also very fruitful and effective in strategic decision-making. The salary of data scientists is approximately $61,000. This amount may gradually increase which is contingent upon experience and expertise.

Bill Gates

Good Professions: Coding And Software Development

Are coding and software development good professions?
It is to be noted that such matter fully depends on your aims. If you regard the job as a financially rewarding one, it won’t be interesting. Also, if you are seeking a place in which your work, it might become one of your hobbies eventually and if you are curious and passionate, coding is the right and the best choice. If you aim at promoting and advancing your society and if you want to notice your genuine contribution in the regard, being a coder is the best choice. Furthermore, in the event that your kids and children tend to have an enjoyable profession to develop and promote their passion, expertise and competencies, coding is regarded as the most suitable one.

Many studies have illustrated that the children who are interested in coding and write codes are more responsive, intelligent, innovative and creative. They can also promote their problem-solving skill in a more appropriate way.