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“Scratch” and “ScratchJr” Programming Languages

When we talk about trainings on coding for children, we have to provide them with the languages including the fundamentals and rudimentary concepts of programming. In this regard, we are to introduce some of them:

The most appropriate programming language for children with the age of 5 to7 is “ScratchJr”. It is a visual programming language which has been designed for children in order to introduce programming skills to them.

Scratch” programming language is the most appropriate language for the individuals with the age of 8 to 11 because it provides them with a context to create and develop any video games and animations.


children and adolescents, by learning such programming languages, become more innovative and creative to develop animations and video games including a various type of characters and backgrounds. As a matter of fact, this language teaches your children to develop a game or application through selecting characters and arranging blocks together.
This language develops and promotes the skills pertaining to algorithmic thinking and visual coding. It also teaches coding concepts interestingly.
The philosophy of Scratch has been summarized in its slogan: “Imagine, Program, Share”


This programming language invites children and adolescents to present and promote their imagination power in order to change their imaginary world into reality. Imagination is one of the significant pillars of education and training to which is not paid attention in schools. Scratch programming language provides children and adolescents with a space to draw images. This space in this programming language also includes various types of prepared images such as magician, dragon, dinosaur and etc., in which children and adolescents are able to implement their imaginations.


Children and adolescents give some commands to a computer to implement their imaginations such as stories or games, which is possible via Scratch programming language.  


“Share” is one of the main pillars of Scratch encouraging children and adolescents to share their projects with others in an online community through websites. 

What Are The Applications Of Scratch Programming Language?

  • The children and adolescents who are unexperienced in programming may enjoy the features of this programming language.
  • It provides children and adolescents with interesting aspects of programming.
  • It also provides elementary and fundamental concepts such as problem solving and critical thinking.

The main patterns of this programming language are inspired by the plastic construction toys nominated by The Lego Group. In this programming language, learners with any ages collect parts together to implement an idea.
In this language, there is no need to memorize codes to develop a program, which is one of the great advantages of this language. Moreover, learners are not involved with complex and complicated commands.
In Scratch programming language, creativity competence of leaners is challenged, which results in reveal ideas and thoughts in each learner to implement their unique programs.

“Scratch” and “ScratchJr” are the prerequisites for learning this programming language and all the leaners with the age of 5 to 7 and 8 to 11 pass the prerequisite trainings, accordingly. This language is an online programming language in which learners may put the particles together like a puzzle to develop an application, robot or an animation.

Programming Languages

is the most appropriate programming language for adolescents at the age 12 and more. This language is one of the simplest and most practical programming languages in the world which includes different kinds of features. It is also known as one of the top five programming languages.

Well-known companies such as Google and The Walt Disney Company use this programming language. Including various features in scientific contexts, this programming language is also practical for developing video games, designing websites and execution of computational and numerical projects. Moreover, Python is a powerful and flexible programming language which represents various facilities in complicated settings such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

  • How is Python programming language applied?
  • It provides children and adolescents with facilities to implement their ideas in a short period of time to obtain good results in this regard.
  • In this programming language, there is a possibility to write understandable and simple codes.
  • This programming language is appropriate to the learners interested in artificial intelligence.

Slogan of Java: “Write once, run anywhere” (WORA)

“Java” programming language is the most prominent and high-level programming language around the world. Java is an object-oriented programming language. By learning Java, you may build and develop various types of cross-platform applications. Accordingly, you can use this programming language to develop programs for operating systems(OS) like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and etc. indeed, you write once and run anywhere.

programming language is a high-level object-oriented programming (OOP)language. Generally, it is also called middle-level language which includes both the capabilities of a high-level language and those of a low-level one.

Via this language, you can develop operating systems, their cores as well as other layers of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, EOS and etc.

You can use “C++” for developing software and games for web-based consuls, smart phones and tablets. This programming language is applied in various areas such as medicine, astronomy, manufacture of smart vehicles as well as internet of things (IOT) and robotics.

Note: In “01 Learning”, children and adolescents will pass elementary and advanced courses. If they meet the requirements here, they are able to participate to extracurricular courses held by the center based on their personal interests.

Animation Development

This course is regarded as an irresistible introduction to 2D computer animations. By using Adobe Animate, prior to animation cycles, learners are trained to create lip sync, color correction and grading, and texturing, and then they learn how to create and develop 2D characters and backgrounds. In order to complete the course, learners must create a 2D animation with the duration of 15 seconds.

This course is known as an introduction to the interesting world of 3D computer animations. Learners learn how to work with Autodesk Maya and apply its techniques to be used in professional studios. In this course, learners are trained with the techniques including character modeling, complex modeling and proposal, texturing, principles of animation, special effects, lighting and rendering. At the end of the course, learners are to develop a 3D animation with the duration of 30 seconds.

Note: Extracurricular classes also include game development courses. These classes are regarded as the preparatory courses for those interested in participation in competitions like CCC, ACSL and USACO.

Web Development Course

You can develop your website by learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this course, learners learn how to develop initials of a website through HTML and then, add visual and interactional components to the website via CSS and JavaScript.

This course provides learner with the knowledge pertaining to UI and UX with the purpose of creation of a website with interesting visual features to be compatible with any systems.

Note: Extracurricular classes also include game development courses. These classes are regarded as the preparatory courses for those who interested to participate in competitions like CCC, ACSL and USACO.

Game Development

Scratch is perfect for young beginners. It is a block-based programming platform that allows students to create stunning projects easily and build the fundamentals of programming.
Throughout the course, students will create animations and games, which makes learning fun and interactive. These concepts that learned, are transferable to our more advanced courses easily.

Learn the principles of game development via using Roblox Studio and Lua Scripting. Students will manipulate blocks across a 3D world, learn game design strategies, create models, and create scripts.
The course is available for students of all skill levels, although previous programming experience is an asset.

This course is intended for students who wish to work in Unreal Engine to create interactive experiences and/or enterprise custom fields of real time training simulation, visualization, and media/entertainment.
Create realistic games with the complete game development tool – Unreal Engine 4. Start with the fundamentals so that you will build a solid base understanding.

Extracurricular classes

CCC (Canadian Computing Competition) is a competition concentrating on problem solving competency for high school pupils. There are two divisions in the competition: Junior and Senior. By challenging word problems, the preparatory course concentrates on problem solving strategies. Problems involving patterns, recursion, data structures, arrays, and strings are the main topics of the Junior division. Moreover, enumeration, sorting, searching, graphs as well as dynamic programming are the more advanced topics covered in the Senior division. CCC competitions are written in “Cunt”. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information regarding the course. It is to be noted that this course is only by invitation.

The American Computer Science League (ACSL) includes four contests which are divided into various parts for people of all ages. Geek Education also provides elementary, junior, intermediate and senior levels with many trainings. The competitions focus on computer science-related subjects from number systems, Boolean algebra to digital electronics. The course provides learners with computer science-related theories required for success in this contest. Number systems, Boolean algebra, recursion, data structures, logic gates, graph theory, and assembly language are the main topics covered in here. Moreover, Python, Java or C++ are used in the ACSL. Contribute to This course is also by invitation. You can keep in touch with us for more information in this regard.

USACO (USA Computing Olympiad) is a competition which focuses on the problems appertaining to algorithmic programming. In terms of difficulty level, this Olympiad covers four levels including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Participants in this contest must enjoy in-depth knowledge for programming as well as the competency of critical and strategic thinking to deal with various algorithms. Dynamic programming, the Dijkstra, Kruskal, and Prim Algorithms, Searching Algorithms, and Data Structures are the main algorithms with which participants deal. It is to be noted that C++ is the language of all USACO competitions. This course is an invitational one. You can keep it up by contacting us for more information in this regard.


Advantage Of Learning

computer programming from young ages

You can encourage your children to strengthen their programming and coding skills. Prior to elementary school, it is the best time to learn programming. “01 Learning” is an interesting place for learning through gaming. This institute also provides leaners with initial programming skills required for game development. As your child’s knowledge is developed, his/her sense of accomplishment increases subsequently. You will see that your children can promote and develop their skills for mental calculation, concentration as well as critical thinking.

Provide your children with educational advantages in programming.
As your child makes progress in an elementary school, “01 learning” is also so effective in strengthening their competencies and having better understanding in topics such as mathematics. These skills shall be turned into the fundamental knowledge to be used in the study period.

Your child makes tremendous progress step by step and you will see your child’s knowledge development.
Computer programming challenges the mind of your child. By making progress by your children, you know that she/he is preparing herself/himself to excel in further educational stages such as high school and university. Moreover, they can apply the skills learnt in their life.

Nowadays, competition requires and depends on computer programming knowledge. Upon admission of your child into high school and university, you are confident that your child has started learning one of the most important needs of today society since young ages. “01 Learning” provides a comprehensive curriculum for development and promotion of computer science-related skills required for college admission and, subsequently, for future profession.

You will see that your children will obtain vital skills.
Your children’s skills for logical reasoning are promoted through which they can excel in their education. Furthermore, this kind of knowledge helps your children to succeed beyond school.