Our Employees Are Talented, Experienced, Creative, Passionate, Successful And Also, They Enjoy Teamwork Skills.

Do The Mentioned Adjectives Describe You?

“01 Learning” deeply believes in recruitment and working with the best. Emphasizing its employees’ creativity, communicative and universal skills, “01 Learning” tries to increase the quality of work place so as to help the society. We look for the persons who are motivated, passionate and creative. As a business, we fully focus on children. Our employees are so valuable to us. Each employee works to improve the experience and achieve the success of the students enrolling into 3000 centers for computer science, programming and robotics around the world. Our employees regard our work as a path to shape the world. All of our employees contribute in improvement of quality education and life of all children, regardless their age, work experience and competences. Our employees enjoy expertise in various fields and we take steadfast steps toward a common goal: changing the world into a better place for current and next generations.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We believe in the potential competencies of children and our mission is helping children around world so that they acquire initially educational skills. To do so, we provide children with the best training courses in the area of computer science, cultural and economic classes , regardless their abilities,race and age.

Our Vision

The people living in North America regard the educational system of “01 Learning” as the best method to develop the level of education, personality and life skills. We are pioneer of paving the way for improving the education and the society. Accordingly, we are universally famous as an organization.


“01 Learning” always ensures to provide its employees with benefits. In order for recruitment, motivation increase and working with its employees, “01 Learning” provides an indemnity package for employees, which includes:

  • A saving plan for pensionary (k401) with the 2-years plan for transferring
  • Flexible monetary accounts allocated for healthcare issues, providing care for affiliated persons as well as commute costs
  • Short-term and long-term plans in case of disability
  • Paid holidays
  • Occupational opportunities and career development
  • Helping employees
  • A discount by 10% on tuition
  • A plan for service prize
Please Note That All The Qualified Employees Must Meet The Related Requirements Prior To Enrollment. According to The Instructions Pertaining To Governmental Benefits Plan, The Periods Are Different.


Equal Employment Opportunity

The policies and plans of “01 Learning” ensure that all the decisions regarding employment of individuals, damage reimbursement as well as other recruitment decisions are made according to competencies and capabilities of individuals, regardless their race, age, skin color, marital status, religion, disability or conscription status. We make our employment decisions based on qualifications and competencies of individuals.

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