Robotics Training

Currently, robotics training is one of the interesting fields for children and adolescents. As regards to increasing advancement of science and technology, robotics is one of the pillars of science. It is to be noted that robotics teaches children and adolescents how to critically think and use their creativity competence.

Creativity through robotics,

As mentioned before, robotics enhances the creativity competence of children and adolescents. Parents’ accompany with children and adolescents allows them to promote their creativity competence in this path because guidance along with education paves the way for making tremendous progress.
So, we have to take steadfast steps to introduce robotics to our children in order for preparing the way to build brilliant future for them.
In this regard, “01 Learning” training center holds robotics training courses for students of all ages with the aim of leading, educating, promoting hidden talents, enhancing competences pertaining to scientific creativity and ideation as well as practical design.

What Is Robotics? Why Is It Important In Child Development?

Maybe, we think about robots as the huge, innovative and creative machines which may even seem unreal. But it is not so, actually. 
In our daily life, robots play vital roles. Robots include those utilized for cleaning up swimming pools to those are used as a toy.
As a matter of fact, robots are the interesting representation of handiworks which are used for teaching practical concepts like mathematics.

Advantages Of Robotics Training In Child Development

Not only robotics training be regarded as an entertainment for children but also it is construed as a steadfast step toward future of engineering profession for children, leading them to success and improvement in their life. 
Additionally, robotics training helps children and adolescents to make progress in the fields of mathematics, computer science, programming and engineering.


It is difficult for children to understand mathematical concepts. So, providing children with robotics is remarkably effective in understanding mathematical concepts in both elementary and advanced levels.
In fact, robots are regarded as the interactional tools which encourage children to conceptually learn mathematics. Of course Some robots, are able to practically teach mathematics to children.

As a matter of fact, basic sciences are the core of robotics and plays vital roles in our studies on robotics, helping us to understand many concepts in here.

NASA Mars rover is a robot designed for exploration in this planet to send information to the earth.

Design and production of robots provide children with the concepts regarding power of robots and their performance and also teach various concepts to children on sciences, electricity and solar energy.

Manufacturing robots and observation of the effects of various factors on their behavior have led to teaching fundamentals of robotics, i.e. observation and experiment, to children.   

Computer programming and coding are the words beyond the understanding of children. In this regard, robotics helps them to understand these concepts more easily. Nowadays, computer science, with ever-increasing application, is of paramount importance in our life. Moreover, programming is an abstract concept making robotics production more understandable. Robotics structure is so simple for children and its simplicity results in programming development as well.

Design and production of robots by children help them to have a comprehensive understanding about coding and its impacts in the real world for future life.

Moreover, some robots may be programmed more complexly. This feature leads children to experience simple visual concepts.

Although many people do not regard the structures that made by children as a castle or an engineering structure, doing such works results in more practice and achieving tremendous progress by children in the field of engineering. 

Engineers have constructed and manufactured many things such as buildings, machinery and vehicles. So, children may gain many information about engineering fields through robotics training and then, simulate the works performed by engineers. Of course, training children on designing and manufacturing of a robot paves the way to have an understanding regarding design and performance of robots through entertainment and they construe it as an interesting achievement.  

Training Manner

Classes and workshops on robotics training are held by experienced and competent trainers of robotics through special equipment.

Curriculum of robotics classes

For each age group, we have designed an appropriate curriculum which includes: Elementary, intermediate and advanced classes on robotics.
Each level is held with special educational packages.