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Implementing A Reward System in Your House for children

When you execute a reward system at your home, it may keep your children determined and fulfilled hereof. Whether it is for doing chores, completing educational activities or completing a level in “01 Learning”, finding the success of your child, of course, plays a vital role in promotion of their enthusiasm, passion, eagerness and motivation as well.

When you maintain a reward system at your home, it could be an ongoing process requiring responsibility as well as consistency from both children and parents. A few steps are mentioned hereunder for beginning with a reward system at your home.

1. Goal Determination

You can work with your children so as to identify weekly objectives. Of course, you can outline duties and set the learning priorities in a week. Change their duties into daily objectives in order to make them attainable for your children. Convey the assigned tasks into a reward system and then, place the chart in a place to be easily seen by your children.

2. Encouragement Words

You can talk to your children with positive words so as to support them in accomplishing their tasks and duties. You can also determine the importance of each task and tell your children when they try to complete them. You should assure to give a reward to your child upon their tasks completion.

3. Record Maintenance

You can follow up on the daily progress of your children for each task they do. In the even that you use the “At Home Reward System”, you can also outline the tasks, making a daily note of their achievements by sticking a smiley face, putting a checkmark as well as other symbols that your child like.

4. Be Sure to Reward Your Children

Upon your child’s daily progress, it is of paramount importance to reward your children with a prize.

The reward ideas may include the followings:

  • Allowing them to sleep five more minutes in the morning
  • Allocating more screen time or playing a new movie
  • Purchasing a toy for them
  • Cooking their favorite food and meal
  • Providing them with dessert or snacks (special treat)

5. Share Your Excitement

Please note that that is so important to indicate your feelings that how much proud you are of their progress and achievements. When you do so, it let them know that they are doing a great job. Do not be afraid of sharing the related progress chart of their rewards with family members and their friends.

When you find out your children’s hard work and effort is of paramount importance so as to make them engaged at your house. Through an effective goal outline, your children and kids shall have a clear perspective on their weekly and daily goals. Please be sure that you reward your children and kids upon their tasks completion in order to build a positive reinforcement and encouragement in this regard. The support which you provide for your children shall be construed as a key point in their achievements and will bring excitement.

Please commence following up and finding out your child’s progress in each step. You can also download our “At Home Reward System” chart for beginning the pathway.