The franchise of “01 Learning” provides many remarkable financial aids affecting children’s life in your community. Our partners trust in us and also our learners embrace and appreciate our classes.

Run your business

and be effective.

As one of the advantages of “01 Learning”, you can be effective to help the children living in your community to follow their dreams and develop their skills in computer programming. You can run a center in which children and adolescents learn, develop their skills and establishing a good rapport with their classmates. Through the trainings provided by “01 Learning”, your learners also promote their self-confidence to take steadfast steps in a world with infinite facilities.


Run a thriving business

positively affecting the future of children and adolescents.

What Does Distinguish Us From Others?

  • Provision of strong and steady support and also top trainings
  • Low cost for ownership and commissioning of a center (Our flexibility assures the bests for your market).
  • Universal leadership (franchise, strong infrastructure, the biggest and rapid programming privilege in the world)
  • High-demand market (9 parents out of 10 want their children to learn computer programming. As a franchise holder, you may meet a vital requirement for your community and then, you will enter to an approximately untapped market.)
  • Designed curriculum (you receive our designed curricula to train children on writing codes through developing video games. Children enjoy programming and parents witness the results.)
  • Having an experience in coding and programming is not necessary. (Are not you a code writer? Don’t worry. Our training systems are designed for unexperienced individuals to make progress in this regard.)
  • Strong support (you will enjoy the consultations of our experienced and competent training and franchise experts in the center to provide you with genuine guidance.)
  • Do you feel comfortable with marketing and networking to publicize the information of your business?
  • Do you feel comfortable with provision of the information of “01 Learning Methods” for parents to help their children?
  • Are you able to build a good rapport with children and adolescents?
  • Do you feel comfortable with management of your center, marketing management for your business as well as working with children and parents on a daily basis?
  • Do you have an academic degree or college diploma? Are you interested in education?
  • Do you have a net asset with the amount of 150,000 dollars and the capital of 70,000 dollars to run your center?

If all of your answers are “Yes”, you are beholden to yourself. You can take the next steps to enjoy the franchise provided by “01 Learning”.

“01 Learning” continuously supports you in the path of development. We know that quitting a job to run a private and new business is a real and genuine commitment. Moreover, our continuous industrial ranking means that you can be one of the partners of “01 Learning”. So, you can confidently take this step.

In this path, we help you to start and run your business and also we provide you with consultations to follow your dream of entrepreneurship. You can send us an email to enjoy our consultations for your business.



1- Making a request

You can fill up the present form to inform us about your interest for further learning. 01 Learning franchise experts follow your request.

2- Making acquaintance with each other

You can review our guidelines, answer our questions and meet our team.(Confidentially evaluating the financial affordability of the petitioner)

3- Reviewing and final approval

Reviewing our candidates and signing the contract

4- Planning

You can make arrangements for your expectations, schedule, website design and development, business plan and marketing.

5- Training

There is 50-hours training course including online and on-site trainings.

6- Inauguration

That’s a fantastic day. Congratulations. Our logistics employees actively work with you to ensure the performance of everything. They also provide you with genuine guidance for your daily activities.



Franchise of “01 Learning”

Although having an academic degree is valuable, there is no need of having an academic record to enjoy the franchise granted by “01 Learning” (It is to be noted that you must have completed the post-secondary school programs including a university degree or a college diploma). Having an interest to working with children is necessary. In this path, you, together with us, must deeply believe in that you can make them independent and competent leaders for future. Many of our franchise holders have referred to us with a kind of business records who have already enrolled their children into our programs.

If you are not a code writer or a software developer, you can run a branch of “01 Learning”. Our franchise policy has been specially designed. Accordingly, if you are interested in learning, working and obeying a good system, that is a fantastic opportunity for you.

If you have completed the post-secondary school programs including a university degree or a college diploma and if you are interested in working with children and if you have business records in this regards, that is a fantastic start.

If you meet the following requirements, you are eligible to be granted a franchise by “01 Learning”.

  • Being interested in working with children and having a sense of accountability hereof
  • Teaching record or having an academic degree is valuable, but that’s not a requirement.
  • Completion of post-secondary school is required (university degree or college diploma).
  • Having the skills required for mathematics and reading.
  • The capital required for establishing your computer science and robotics training center (01 Learning) must be 70,000 dollars in cash and 150,000 dollars of net assets.
  • Enjoying management competencies increasing the motivation of learners and sense of accountability for the children learning in your community
  • Competency for creating a fantastic experience for clients with due observance of “01 Learning” regulations
  • Enjoying a comprehensive information about the location and district in which you run the center and establishing a strong rapport with the community
  • Enjoying genuine communicative and inter-personal skills
  • Working on a fulltime basis (6-8 hours of work per day)

Our qualified candidates applying for 01 Learning franchise are among a various social groups such as businessmen, educators, army members, police officers, pensioners, entrepreneurs, code writers and software developers, in particular. The best franchise holders play an active role in the area of business and also, they positively affect children and their community. Motivation, compassion, interest for learning and supporting our values are the other features for which we are looking.  

The path of 01 Learning franchise is interesting. After your request, we are in touch with you to complete the multistage process, the overview of which is as follows:

  • You begin the path with completing the request form.
  • One of our recruiters will reach you through a phone call for an initial interview to answer your questions.
  • In the next step, you participate in a 2-hour webinar of “01 Learning Franchise” in which we help you to understand “01 Learning” better and answer other questions.
  • Then, one of our recruiters and the manager of one of the branches of “01 Learning” / director general will interview you. Moreover, your competencies of computer science, programming and robotics shall be assessed.

Some of the administrative stages have been mentioned hereunder:

  • Receiving and carefully reading our franchise disclosure document (FDD)
  • Providing the documents of permanent residency (PR)
  • Providing documents regarding your assets
  • Providing documents regarding financial affordability
  • Reviewing your credit records
  • Providing a police certificate

After these stages, you are eligible for final approval. Moreover, you will be invited in the franchise training course held by a trainer of “01 Learning”.
This course is a 4-month training course to be held online.
As you complete your training, we check and approve the website you have run for your “01 Learning” center. Then, we help you use the approved website.
Upon successful completion of your training course, you may sign the franchise disclosure document and then you will become one of the members of “01 Learning Family”.

When you become a qualified “01 Learning” franchise holder, you will participate in the training course of “01 Learning Trainer Development”. 2 four-day training sessions will be held within a two-month course. For more practical trainings, you are to visit our center several times. In this center, we provide you with trainings regarding the curricula, our methods as well as business strategies to run a branch of “01 Learning”. Moreover, you will participate in our continuing professional development courses (CPD) to develop your skills so as to obtain more success.

Before opening a new branch office, franchise holders participate in a 50-hour training course led by our franchise experts. This course includes online and on-site trainings. Furthermore, we provide CPDs such as webinars and conferences as well as sources in an online form.

 “01 Learning” has been designed as a fully equipped business model to provide any supports in this regard, which includes training, website development, marketing, designing, sale network, voting management software as well as a specialized supporting team. 

We are accountable to our franchise holders and we provide them with any trainings, sources and supports hereof. Our employees actively play a vital role for development of your center in order to manage your work more efficiently. All the facilities and materials put at learners’ disposal are continuously reviewed and updated. All the internal and external communications with clients are regularly managed. Moreover, you will enjoy the opportunity to participate in our training courses, sessions and seminars to enjoy our experiences hereof.   

Since each franchise of “01 Learning” is independently managed and does not notify us of their income, we cannot provide an exact amount. However, you will be provided with a business plan as a part of franchise training which helps you in predicting your income and expenditures.

For success of “01 Learning” and that of your franchise, it is so important that you directly manage the daily activities of your center. You can hire several assistants. You must hold your position as a manager of one of the “01 Learning” franchises for learners and their parents. If you want to be an absent owner, “01 Learning” franchise is not simply appropriate for you.

The success you can achieve as a “01 Learning” franchise holder is almost infinite, especially if you can do marketing appropriately within a local level. As the manager of your center, you can determine that how many students can enroll in your center. Also, you can determine your assistants among your employees. In other words, you can fully control your center as well as your destiny in this path – a claim which is explicitly announced by few experts.  

Many computer science-related courses such as programming, software development and robotics are provided for children and adolescents with the age of 5 to 17 in order to promote their understanding. Also, such courses help them to be more successful during their study in any programs. Moreover, parents are able to witness the progress made by their children, which is beyond that of the children in the same age. 
When a child enrolls in “01 Learning” for the first time, you can assess his/her competencies through our assessment process for the purpose of enrollment. You can provide them with guidance to develop their skills and self-confidence helping them in training classes as well as in their life. 

No – There is no cost for updating curricula. 

We consider many factors in determining the places of “01 Learning” centers. Families with children, distance with schools as well as the incomes of families are the most important factors we consider. We cooperate with you to analyze your desired market, providing you with some suggestions for determining a location.

Yes – many of our franchise holders have established several franchises after establishment of the first one. Many of our franchises have established in two or more branches.

For more information in this regard, please contact us.
Moreover, you can start your request process.
Franchise form & Contact us

We encourage you to contact “01 Learning” to start the path for receiving franchise. If you think you can run a good franchise of “01 Learning” based on your interest and capabilities and if there is an opportunity hereof in your district, we are looking forward to hearing from you.