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  • A person who previously enrolled in the courses held by “01 Learning” or siblings of the student that current or previously have enrolled, will not enjoy the discount by $25.
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  • You should allow two months after enrollment of your friends into the courses of “01 Learning” for a gift card fulfillment.

Terms and Conditions:

Validation of any enrollments here is done on a monthly basis. Upon this validation, gift card processing is performed. It is to be noted that you should allow two months after enrollment of your friends into the courses held by “01 Learning” for a gift card fulfillment. “01 Learning” is the only center which is responsible for validity determination. Services including processing, student assessment as well as development of lesson plans are included in the enrollment fee. You are not able to refer an individual previously enrolled into “01 Learning” courses and/or the siblings of the students who have previously enrolled. Moreover, children cannot be referred by their parents. Each student can use one referral code for “01 Learning”. Furthermore, this center enjoys a refusal right for any referral which may seem fraudulent. Franchise holders of “01 Learning” as well as its employees and their family members are not regarded as the eligible persons to participate. “01 Learning” also enjoys the right to unilaterally cancel the program with a notice at any time. It is worth mentioning that most of “01 Learning” centers are managed individually. Also, additional fees may apply and void where prohibited.

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