How “01 Learning” Works?

How we work?

We Provide Children And Adolescents With Interesting And Exciting Courses And Trainings On Computer Programming Within A Cultural Context And Students Learn How To Analytically And Critically Think To Build Their Smart World Through Their Imaginations In The World Of IT. Also, Their Problem Solving, And Logical Reasoning Competencies Shall Be Developed.

Moreover, our learners, in this complex, work together with our trainers. Bringing up essential questions and turning ideas into action in this regard, they face with and overcome their challenges in the world of computer programming. Learners of all ages in the world will be cognitively more flexible with digital education in the contexts from engineering to programming. Accordingly, the approach adopted by “01 Learning” helps young learners (children and adolescents) to make tremendous progress in the fields of programming.

By Reviewing the homework that done by learners, the trainers of “01 Learning” constantly evaluate the progress made by your children. As required, this type of training also helps the trainers to design their own fine-tune lesson plans. The plans presented by “01 Learning” also lead to an effective communication between you and your children’s trainers to achieve goals of your children and increase their motivation as well.