Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently questions asked by parents and learners are brought to your attention as follows. Please contact us or send an email if you need more information in regards to the center and its courses.

It is the best opportunity in the world for children and adolescents to learn programming.

We aim to provide next generations with the best education and training in the fields of computer programming so that they have a brilliant future. At this training center, children learn coding upon developing video games in an entertaining, safe and inspiring place and also, their self-confidence, logical reasoning, planning and problem solving skills are promoted to be applied in their life, subsequently. 

“01 Learning” is beyond a private teaching. Children actively and independently develop their skills pertaining to critical thinking through the curriculum taught by our trainers. The curriculum appertaining to programming, coding, computer engineering as well as robotics provide children with all the concepts in this regard to make them a professional programmer and software developer. The relative worksheets make a possibility for children to learn new concepts themselves. The trainings provided by “01 Learning” allow children to make progress step by step through daily practice. Moreover, “01 Learning” helps children:

  • To develop their enthusiasm for learning.
  • To tremendously progress at their own pace.  
  • To develop good study habits and their self-study competence.

Our curriculum provides children with trainings on how to write codes through the games they’ve already known and in which they are interested. They do not passively play games. Developing video games, they enjoy what they do. Our curriculum includes different levels: from elementary to advanced levels. Children pass each level through developing their coding skills.

Coding is called “the Literacy for the 21st Century”. Coding, like mathematics, experimental sciences and literature, is one of the key aspects of our life in terms of technology. New generations must fully understand the technology and there is a need to learn computer programming for future life. Computer programming provides children and adolescents with the skills for increasing self-confidence, logical reasoning, planning and problem solving.

This is very great that schools provide computer training courses but most of them have not enough sources and then, they are not able to provide a comprehensive and complex programming curriculum for children. The parents whose goal is their children’s progress refer to “01 Learning”.

Our online courses are held through video conference in which many works are delegated to our learners to be completed in a tranquil and calm place via the guidance provided by competent trainers or their assistants. Our learners are able to consult with our trainers through phone calls or sending an email. As our center is independently managed, you’d better consult with the local centers on the protocols of online learning and their accessibility as well

 Upon re-holding the training classes, this center has executed stringent safety and health instructions which includes:

  • Regularly disinfection of places at the center
  • Planning for attendance of learners to reduce overcrowding
  • Applying the protocols pertaining to social distancing
  • Holding on-site and online classes in many centers to limit class attendance
  • Distancing between desks and chairs
  • Regularly washing and disinfecting hands
  • Wearing a face mask

No matter how old your child is. “01 Learning” helps your children to make progress and develop their competences. Your children may be enrolled at the age of 5 or when they have completed their high school program to enjoy classes held by this center. We have designed the curricula for individuals at the age of 5 to 17.

Most of “01 Learning” centers are independently managed. For more information regarding tuitions and other costs hereof, you can contact the nearest center to yourselves.

This center provides you with tools to see your children’s progress. Moreover, their advancements are evaluated by our consultants logically who teach many concepts to them through daily worksheets. Accordingly, you promptly recognize whether your child deals with subjects or his/her knowledge is beyond the classes. Many information shall be put at your disposal helping you to make the best decision for your child’s progress.

“01 Learning” provides learners with the required skills and mindset for learning new concepts. Children make progress at their own pace through our trainers’ assistance. When a learner cannot understand a concept and needs guidance hereof, we provide him/her with genuine assistance to appropriately learn the material.

The instructions provided by “01 Learning” for each learner aim at progress and advancement of your children. As a matter of fact, many of our learners are currently studying in the level higher than their current one. The learners of advanced levels make acquaintance with new concepts prior to going to school and they also experience learning new concepts hereof sooner than the students in the same age.

Each learner learns and understands concepts at his/her own pace. In the approach adopted by “01 Learning”, learners must have a satisfactory understanding in order to meet the requirements for an examination before move forward to the next level. As the contents are promoted, any lacks and deficiencies in this regard may increase and negatively affect the learning process. With early success – without continuous intervention – our learners shall become motivated to set their goals and obtain success in upper levels.  

What makes us distinguished from other training classes held by various instructors is the impacts of our classes on the advancement of your child during his/her study in schools and afterward. Through individual training in “01 Learning”, learners are able to promote their self-confidence, the key feature for any age group, in order to be an independent person. 

You can take an important step in this regard to make plan for their daily activities for a routine schedule. You can encourage your child and increase their motivation through appreciating their minor or major advancements and promotions. Younger children may require more guidance by you to fill up worksheets. Also, establishment of a strong and regular rapport with your child’s trainer regarding their assignments, motivation and any other major activities in the life is of paramount importance. Our trainers are fully ready to make genuine efforts for your child’s success.

All the centers are open within a week after school. Some centers may be open in weekends. For more information in this regard, please contact the nearest local center.

Of course. We provide an appropriate place for parents to make rest during their child trainings. 

If you need more information in this regard, please feel free to keep in touch with us.

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