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Computer Programming And Engineering Are The Necessary Skills In The 21st Century.

So, “01 Learning” provides next generations with valuable trainings and then, you can make an investment for them.
Technology is incredibly and rapidly changing and any child, around the world, deserves to take this golden opportunity in order to use their instinctive and infinite competencies for learning. That’s the beginning.

In “01 Learning”, young learners with the age of 5 to 17 are provided with on-site and online trainings on computer programming and coding. Our team includes the experts who like children and also try to make learning and training simple, exciting and amusing. In “01 Learning”, we help children and adolescents to take steadfast steps toward a brilliant future. Our learners, in this center, develop video games, cartoons and animations and also IT projects. Using what they learn with us, our learners also acquire the skills required for critical thinking, logical reasoning, project presentation and planning, team working and etc.

No matter in what kind of profession our learners shall be engaged. We are going to teach them the skill that required for their future. Our training center holds courses in which children and adolescents learn how to creatively and logically think. Also, in our courses, they will excitingly learn the skills required for team working through gaming. Also, we have taken an approach for young generations to obtain technical expertise and skills required for the real world through which they shall become cognitively flexible. 

Our interesting and exciting courses include a wide range of valuable computer skills for learners. They start this path with the trainings on Scratch programming language, which is a high-level block-based visual programming language aiming at providing young learners with programming fundamentals.

Our learners, with the age of 10 and more, boost up their computer knowledge with learning programming languages such as “Python”, “Java” and “C++”. Also, in “01 Learning”, we hold courses for enthusiastic and creative learners on “Autodesk Maya” and web design to create and develop their own 3D animations and websites. This training center also presents innovative courses on video game development which fire learners’ imagination.  We are confident that we can make a brilliant future for any learners interested in programming and coding