Children must learn Python programming language in the 21st century.

Children must learn Python programming language in the 21st century.

All the time, parents are worried about the future of their children. With the current advancements in technology, a question is raised that what they can do for their kids to help them to pass many educational and academic impediments. There is a definite answer to this question: “coding” like python.

As the technology has been advancing through time, the needs for the abilities on coding and software development have become significant. There are many merits for children to learn coding and software development which is beyond using a computer. Interestingly, learning a programming language for coding is very similar to learning a new language rather than your native one. Through practicing coding on a daily basis, you can use the language very soon. You do not need to force your children for having a computer science-related career at the moment. As coding and software development are shaping our future, the matter could be very interesting for children to increase their motivation for learning coding. We suggest you that your children learn the basics of coding. Python, as one of the simplest grounds for coding, is regarded as an essential skill. When your children learn how to code via Python, they will be able to change their current and future lives.

Do you know Python? Why start here?

Python is a computer programming language. Via Python, you can develop many computer programs and applications. Many video games and web-based tools are created via Python. This programming language also combines comprehensible words and characters so as to make them simple to read and comprehend for humans.  visit our method


Introducing beginner coders to their first textual computer language may be challenging. Numerous textual programming languages enjoy a complicated and inconvenient syntax, which can result in children discouragement from learning to code. However, Python is one of the simple programming languages which is appropriate for children and adolescents in order to learn the basics of programming and coding. Its syntax is simple as well. Accordingly, it is very suitable for novices and experts. Moreover, this programming language also includes several appropriate tools for developing applications. 

Easy Installation

Maybe, installing programming spaces can be regarded challenging in general while Python is very easy to be installed on your computer at home. There are three simple steps for installing it on Windows. You can refer to  this page so as to download the software. Please remember to choose the recent version to be compatible with your computer and operating system. When your download is completed, you can run the installer of the program. The files of the software emerge on your computer or laptop upon set up completion. One of the files appearing on your computer is a Python interpreter which is able to translate human-readable Python codes into machine-readable commands.

Accessible sources

Python can be used for free. It is not necessary to buy the original software. Its libraries are also very efficient and straightforward to use. Of course, it includes many enjoyable libraries for young learners. “Turtle” library is one of the finest instances which is similar to a drawing board. It is construed so user-friendly and beginners feel comfortable to work with it upon coding because they can draw and chart few lines of codes. Kids may use “PursuedPyBear” which is one of the game programming libraries in Python in order to simply create and develop video games. 

When youth learn programming, it can help to promote their educational aspects.

It is deeply believed that learning Python programming language can help young learners to develop many aspects of their educational curriculum including mathematics, composition as well as innovation. The command written in Python are in simple English, which may assist your kids to enhance and develop their writing skills.
In Python, your children also learn how to apply their critical reasoning in order to provide practical solutions. Moreover, Python help your children to develop their arithmetic skills since coding allows children to visualize more complicated ideas in a fun way. Also, it allows them to integrate and apply mathematics into real-world issues.

Increasing demands

It is important to consider the programming languages to be learnt by children will be applied in future or not. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the demand for software developers and coders is projected to accelerate the pace of 22% within the period of 2019 to 2029. The pace, after 2029, is expected to rise further. Subsequently, the need for technical knowledge for non-developer jobs are projected to significantly increase. It may be an enticing trend to begin with Python for mastering in programming and having a brilliant future as well.

At the moment, how can children benefit?

We are sure that you know about the importance of Python as the starting point. So, let’s talk about the benefits it can provide for children. In the past, it took a long time to introduce how to code to an adult while it is considered normal to see children are learning how to code nowadays. All the People have started to understand the skills taught by Python.

Structural Thinking

Learners learning how to code are able to build up many skills such as structural thinking. For instance, they are able to make numerous pathways to structure many unstructured plans, which results in an appropriate organization. It also helps young learners and novices to learn about computer applications, developing their competences for the projects with multiple elements.


It is worth mentioning that learners can develop and promote their competencies including problem-solving through which they are able to provide many solutions. Also, the competencies pertaining to critical thinking and creativity of learners are developed. Via coding, learners do not seeking for answers; they apply many procedures to provide the most appropriate solution to a problem or issue. Such development in abilities may result in promotion in education as well as building strong rapports with friends, colleagues and family members. Moreover, young learners, via coding and software development, can pave the way to reach their goals and have a brilliant future.

Patience and Confidence

Most of children and adolescents make many mistakes and errors during developing software and writing codes, which is expected during learning process. In coding class, learners learn how to keep attempt so as to solve problems. Moreover, determination is promoted in children for finding the most appropriate answer to a question. Upon solving a problem, children feel their self-esteem soars. Also, they feel confident in life so as to more appropriately benefit from it in education, profession and social lives. 

Logic and Rationale

Upon coding, you may face a challenge. In this condition, learners must find the most appropriate and logical solution to the problem. As a result, coding practice helps children to develop their rational reasoning. It is construed as a valuable ability to have upon learning mathematics and other sciences. Of course, their critical analysis is to be examined upon admitting to high schools and higher education institutes. Moreover, by using logical thinking, children become able to improve their problem-solving skills as well.


Around the world, all people deeply believe that a person who tends to be a computer programmer or software developer must have a strong knowledge about mathematics or they must be mathematician. But, it is contrary to the popular belief. It is to be noted that they require a certain level of mathematical skills and then, they will learn those required skills during learning how to code. Furthermore, in coding, children will solve real problems through arithmetic calculations.

So, they will be experienced in a real-world helping them to promote their mathematical skills.

How will children benefit later?

By consideration of the pace at which you need for software developers and coders increases, Python programming language is here. If your children learn Python, it will help them to speed up the process of mental growth and development. It also brings a world with golden opportunities and possibilities. Now, we want to introduce some professional opportunities to you as follows:

  1. Game Developer: These are the game developers who create and develop many videogames through their creativity and innovation. The most common languages to be used in gaming are C++, Java, and other programming languages but Python programming language is also widely applied to create games. This language also includes several libraries helping you so as to create video games.
  • Python Programmer: These are the individuals who specialize in Python, applying Python to create applications.
  • Data Analyst: Data analysts are the specialists examining a wide range of various data sources so as to generate data-driven conclusions. Data analysts also help companies to make decisions based on their research findings.
  • Data Scientist: This is a person who studies numerous data. They are highly competent persons who should be acquainted with data management and statistical procedures as well as algorithms.

Where to start the path?

In order to learn a new programming language, you have to get acquainted your children with key concepts of programming and terminology. Such actions are always the first steadfast steps in learning any programming languages. Maybe, it seems as a complicated task, but educational gateways are opened by games and animations. Many interactive resources are available for learning. By the time your child becomes passionate of coding, you can provide them with many structural classes in this regard. You know that one of the most famous games in the world is “Minecraft”. It also has an “Educational Version” through which learners learn the techniques pertaining to programming and coding via Python so as to create their world. Moreover, Code Combat, which is known as an interactive game around the world, provides children with coding essentials like Python.

Take the first steadfast step as soon as possible: introduce Python to your children. Python not only helps your children in their education but it paves their occupational pathways. As a matter of fact, technological literacy, creativity and problem-solving are the most desirable characteristics for employers, which are promoted through programming with Python. As mentioned before, computer programming and knowing a programming language such as Python are regarded as the essential of the 21st century. If your children do not want to master computer programming, learning Python enables them to obtain fruitful skills required for their life and, they can develop them subsequently.